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Ruby Allan

Ruby's story —

“Our daughter Ruby had her first bout of bronchiolitis when she was nine months old. She then spent what seemed like every second week in Christchurch Hospital for the next three to four years and on first name basis with the Emergency and HDU staff.

When she was 18 months old we had a horrific trip back from the West Coast where we were very close to losing her. She was on a rapid decline so we drove her back to Christchurch but on the way she was turning blue. Whilst Andrew drove I was desperately pumping Ventolin into her trying to keep her conscious. There was no cellphone reception in the Lewis Pass; we didn’t know what to do and we were running out of time and options. By a stroke of luck, we came across a policeman outside the Hanmer Springs turnoff and he called for a rescue helicopter to take Ruby to Christchurch Hospital where we stayed for the next five nights – at that point it was touch and go.



We’ve spent countless nights trying to sleep on the incredibly uncomfortable vinyl chair in her hospital room that irritatingly creaked every time we moved. Having our precious girl in hospital with tubes in and out of her was traumatic; surviving on little to no sleep made the experience even more so.

Ruby is now nine years old and has developed into a gorgeous happy and healthy girl with little recollection of the months she spent in hospital, but we do, vividly.

We believe having new and enhanced facilities will improve the experience for all South Islanders accessing Canterbury’s health system. That’s why we passionately support the Māia Health Foundation.”

— Andrew and Jo Allan

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