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The Morrell-Gunn Family

The Morrell-Gunn Family —

The Māia Health Foundation is pleased to welcome the Morrell-Gunn family as ambassadors to the newly established charity, raising money for projects to better Christchurch Hospital. They’re in good company, alongside former Black Caps captain Brendon McCullum, NZ Music Hall of Fame singer/songwriter Bic Runga, and former Christchurch Boys’ High School Head Boy/cancer survivor Jake Bailey.

The family including Kiwi broadcasting legend Jason Gunn, Janine Morrell-Gunn and their children Eve, Grace, Faith and Louis are excited to support a venture that has been recently very close to their own hearts. In January, Jason suffered a heart attack and was rushed to Christchurch Hospital where he experienced first-hand what it’s like to be in hospital.

“I was looked after so well by the brilliant staff working in the hospital. I couldn’t be prouder of the care available in Canterbury and of the care I received – it was the little things that made it better for me while I was in hospital, so if we can support a Foundation that's making things better for others – we’re right behind them,” said Jason.

“A little can go a long way, if you have a child in hospital, you want to be right by their side the whole time. One of the many things Māia is fundraising for in the children’s ward is parents’ beds next to every child’s bed – what a world of difference that will make.”

The family are no strangers to supporting great family causes in Canterbury. Janine is on the Board for Cholmondeley Children’s Home and was founder of Adopt-A-Christchurch-Family.

“It’s crazy, we were talking before Christmas about getting involved with Māia because the projects are ‘no-brainers’. And then my heart attack happened and now it’s even more relevant. As a Canterbury family, we believe these projects just simply have to happen.  A rooftop helipad instead of landing in Hagley Park will reduce the time the patient receives treatment by around 13 minutes – and from my own recent experience, 13 minutes can make a lifetime of difference.”

“If a lot of people gave a little, we could have the best hospital. Let’s just do it, Canterbury!”

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