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Growing up as a Mainlander, and with a young family of my own, I’m stoked to have the opportunity to support the Māia Health Foundation. 

At Māia, they get it. They understand the importance of team spirit, and the ability of a community to achieve great things.

I know that if it was my son or daughter in hospital, I’d want to know I’d done all I could to make that time as comfortable as it could be. Christchurch Hospital takes great care of kids from around the South Island. Māia is recognising that through its enhancement project for the Children’s Wards, one of the first projects they are undertaking – and they are asking for your help.

When it matters most, I reckon it’s the strength of community that gets us through.  I felt that strength when I was out there with the Black Caps under the blazing sun, and I feel it now with Māia  – because as they say, it takes a community to care.

We all have a role to play in this team.  I’m supporting Māia, not just for my family’s future, but for our future generations who will benefit too.

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