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Maia Health Foundation - NZ Charity - Singer Songwriter Ambassador for Christchurch healthcare charity

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Singer, songwriter, and mother of three Bic Runga may have spent more than half her life travelling and living around the world, but Christchurch is still her home town.  

Her desire to give back to the place that she’s from, and her understanding of the challenges faced by the South Island’s health system, are behind her decision to support the Māia Health Foundation.

“It's not until you've had a child of your own in hospital that you realise how much work can still be done to help. The hospital staff work tirelessly, and it’s time for us to show them some gratitude and support by helping to provide the facility enhancements they are crying out for,” she says.

“I consider myself very much a South Islander, and a part of this community. There’s such a need here, and there’s always more we can do. I hope you can join me in supporting Māia.”

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