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Volunteer spotlight: Tara Newton

Tara Newton has joined Māia’s team as an ongoing volunteer, and she shed some light on why volunteering with Māia matters - not just to the community, but to her as well.

“I recently began volunteering at Māia Health Foundation because I want to support their key projects and help them earn the recognition I think they deserve. My mother has been airlifted to hospital, and we’re both aware that she was lucky to get the treatment she did when she did. Her and I strongly back Māia’s goal to enhance Christchurch Hospital’s rooftop helipad because eliminating the 13-minute delay between landing and emergency treatment could really make a difference in someone’s recovery, or even their survival. I also have many friends whose children have undergone treatment in the children’s facilities, and they’re all so grateful for the work being done by Māia to enhance the family spaces.

Volunteering with Māia leaves me feeling uplifted from witnessing Canterbury’s generosity. I get to see diverse individuals and businesses come together to support the success of Māia’s projects, and it’s a humbling feeling knowing that I can be a part of it. I think it’s important to contribute, even as an individual, because it really does make a difference.”

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