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Supporting child healthcare through a partnership with Buddle Findlay

Canterbury's Child Health services have already seen the benefit of a new partnership with Buddle Findlay to help fund vital equipment to enhance the care provided to our kids in hospital.

Cortexflo is a high quality photographic and video system that assists in the examination of children where there are sexual or physical abuse concerns, and it was recently installed at Christchurch Hospital. The $24K system is the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and a world class asset for the region.

Dr Clare Doocey, Chief of Child Health, said "it was immediately evident to medical and nursing staff that Cortexflo is a huge advance on what was previously available ... it's much easier to use and will facilitate more streamlined examinations and easier engagement with children and their families".

We're incredibly grateful to the partners and staff of Buddle Findlay for the support that they are giving to enhance child health services in the region.

Read more about the Buddle Findlay Child Health Foundation here.

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