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A health hero at the front line of Canterbury’s Covid-19 response is Angela Leadley, Team Leader at the Public Health Unit.

Ange says, “We have a pretty awesome team at Community and Public Health, who through the last 12 weeks have really stepped up to fight the good fight.” 

“Our team have a role with border control at Christchurch International Airport and at Lyttelton Port, along with case investigations and contact tracing.  We also do the daily monitoring of our cases and household contacts that are in isolation.” At the moment the team calls over 300 people a day, checking on how they doing and any needs that they may have.

For Ange and her workmates, this work is truly rewarding and they see it as a privilege to support those with Covid-19 and their families.  She acknowledges that it has been a challenging time in the public health space, as whilst the Covid-19 response has similar processes to things the team have worked on before, much of it is new territory.  

“We have a team of passionate people who are determined to play their part in eliminating this virus!” states Ange.

When another long work day is done, Ange heads back home to Ashburton to her household bubble of four that includes her husband Ross and two boys, Brady 8 and Lachie 7.

We simply couldn’t unite against Covid-19 without the essential work of people in our health system just like Ange.

Thank you to all of our health heroes in Canterbury.

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