Playground at Waipapa Christchurch Hospital Re-opened

Playground at Waipapa Christchurch Hospital Re-opened

Māia Health Foundation, along with the help of our wonderful community, is proud to have been the driving force behind the fundraising efforts that made the playground in the children's ward at Waipapa Christchurch Hospital possible. We are thrilled to see that the playground has recently undergone a touch-up and been re-opened. On a recent visit, our staff played a fun round of interactive soccer, which is just one of the activities that can be projected onto the floor!

Tom Townend a paedriatrician at the hospital says the playground is getting a solid workout since re-opening after Covid.

“The Matatiki Hub play space is a welcoming, fun environment for children and their families, when they might be going through a really stressful time. Because of COVID and RSV we couldn’t properly use it for quite a while but it’s now fully open again and ready for action.”

“It’s a great distraction for children spending time in hospital. They especially love the fish tank - they can spend hours in front of that tank! The Radio Lollipop studio is part of the hub as well and is used in the evenings. Kids can either listen to programs from their beds or they can come into the play space and get stuck into heaps of activities.”

“The Hub’s a healing space. It allows kids to be kids and gives their loved ones a safe happy place to gather away from the stress of treatment, watch their children have fun and have a little time out from it all. Having a space like this right next to the hospital wards makes all our lives easier.”
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