Peter Bramley: inspirations and aspirations

Peter Bramley: inspirations and aspirations

He has a big job in our health system but it’s the littlest people in his life who inspire him to do it.

“As a grandfather to five grandchildren, a massive part of the reason I do this job is to contribute to a great health system that will enable my children and grandchildren to enjoy their future to its full potential,” says Peter Bramley, Interim Regional and District Director Te Whatu Ora Waitaha Canterbury.

Peter describes Māia’s partnership with Te Whatu Ora as extraordinarily helpful and phenomenally valuable.

“Māia offers an opportunity for the community to partner with our health system in a way that makes a tangible difference. The reality is we will all need our health system at some point and we know if the system’s in good shape, it improves wider community wellbeing. Māia’s work is supporting that, taking what we’re doing well – what is good – and making it great,” says Peter.

As well as fundraising for specific projects, Māia manages legacy giving and trusts on behalf of the Canterbury health system - work that Peter says ensures continual investment in the community.

“Two of the drivers of the health system transformation are to support better access to the health system for everyone and improve equity of care while supporting local communities to have a strong voice. That voice includes ensuring every gift made to Māia remains in Canterbury to support services here.”

With the local health system directly employing more than 12,000 people, it’s not just patients being impacted by Māia’s work.

“You can’t underestimate the difference Māia makes to healthcare workers, especially when health services are under pressure. While the funding Māia provides is incredible, it’s also Māia’s partnership, and the community support they generate, that inspires and uplifts all of us working in health, supporting our teams to provide the very best care to our community.”


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