One million dollars gifted by New Zealand Community Trust

One million dollars gifted by New Zealand Community Trust

The New Zealand Community Trust has made one of its most significant grants ever, gifting $1 million to Māia Health Foundation for a new child and youth mental health outpatient facility.

The announcement comes as the first glimpse of what the new facility will look like is unveiled.

Māia Health Foundation is raising $6 million for the facility, which will support children and young people up to the age of 18. Māia Health Foundation Chair Garth Gallaway says the $1 million grant from the New Zealand Community Trust (NZCT) is a major step forward for the project.

“Having an organisation like NZCT demonstrate such leadership through a gift of this significance has added significant mana to our project. Most importantly, it will provide hope and inspiration to the mental health staff who battle outdated buildings every day to support and care for our community’s most vulnerable. It’s a phenomenal gift to the people of Canterbury and the broader region.

“Thanks to NZCT, Māia is now more than halfway towards our $6 million goal, with $3.15 million either committed to the project or already in the bank. We’re on our way to taking our child and youth mental health outpatient services from good to great!” says Garth.

New Zealand Community Trust distributes around $44m each year with much of it going to youth, sports, health, arts and education.

NZCT Chairman Alan Isaac says when they saw the statistics about the staggering demand for mental health services in Canterbury and heard about the current conditions the region’s young people are treated in, they knew a major grant was the right thing to do.

“Canterbury has been through so much in the last decade and the impact of that on the region’s young people is clear. We view this grant to Māia Health Foundation as a long-term investment in the health of Canterbury’s and more broadly the South Island’s, most important asset - its children, young people and their families,” says Alan.

Māia is working alongside Canterbury District Health Board to develop the new youth outpatient facility, which will replace current facilities based at The Princess Margaret Hospital and Hillmorton campus. The current facilities are old, run-down, and outdated and do not support modern treatment methods. In 2019 the Government turned down a request to fund a new outpatient facility.

The new facility will be located at the former Canterbury Linen Services building, on the outskirts of the Hillmorton campus. The first glimpse of what it will look like is now available, with four renders released showing the outside spaces and the internal reception area.

Garth Gallaway says for the first time they can share with the public how transformational this new facility will be.

“The new facility resembles nothing of the old, broken buildings our young people are currently treated in. It’s warm, welcoming with age-appropriate spaces and curated outdoor spaces that promote healing and wellness. Thanks to this $1 million grant from NZCT this new facility is within reach and our young people are even closer to having a fit-for-purpose facility to restore wellbeing to them, their families and our communities,” says Garth.

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