Māia Health Foundation funds Listening to Families

Māia Health Foundation funds Listening to Families
Māia Health Foundation is proud to have funded Listening to Families. This much-needed initiative was spearheaded by Bruce Penny who wanted to provide support to individuals and families and relieve pressure on services that provide mental health advice.

"An individual or family’s journey to wellness is taking longer, and there are often multiple challenges on the way. 

"Making this journey can be overwhelming and isolating. There are so many questions.  Having answers to these questions can reduce the levels of stress for an individual and their whānau.   

"Listening to Families provides caregivers access with answers to commonly asked questions in an easy-to-use, conversational video format. 

"The videos can be watched, shared, and discussed in the home, with a group in the community or with an education or health professional.

"When an answer is provided in an individual consultation it can be hard to remember all the details that need to be shared and discussed with other members of the family, these video resources ensure that the answers are always available.", says Bruce Penny, Listening to Families Founder.

Listening to Families is for caregivers needing support and advice with questions about health challenges facing their children, young people and whānau (e.g. anxiety, ADHD, autism). 

Click here to see the videos produced, that help caregivers understand what’s going on in their child’s brain, suggest tools and tactics to use every day, and provide ideas of positive, proactive steps to support their child.
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