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Fundraising for kids in hospital

Six-year-old Leo baked cookies in the school holidays as a way to raise funds for children who are unwell. Leo’s baking venture was so successful that he raised $100 by selling the cookies to neighbours, friends and family. He wanted to donate this money to the hospital, to go towards toys and books for children. 

The money Leo raised will help to make the Play with a Purpose packs that are given to children admitted to the Children’s Acute Assessment Unit. Each pack contains 4 – 5 age-related tools or toys specifically to prompt coping behaviours. Children are more relaxed and less stressed therefore are more compliant with medical examination and treatments.

Warren Nairn, the Acting Director of Nursing, and Emma Payne, Charge Nurse Manager were surprised and humbled by Leo’s donation. “Leo’s gift will make a real difference for young children admitted to hospital and make their experience less stressful. When children are in hospital the opportunity to play is familiar and comforting”, said Emma.

 “During the Covid-19 lockdown children and their family have been kept separated from other patients, so the distraction of Play with a Purpose packs has been very welcome.”

Thank you, Leo, for being so thoughtful and caring about other children, and for being such an awesome little baker. 

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