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Chloe and Jack’s story

“Jacko was first hospitalised with asthma at age four and was eventually diagnosed with type 2 brittle asthma. He’s had a total of 11 hospital admissions since then, averaging two to three a year including two intensive care and two HDU admissions.

It’s a terrifying illness because of Jack’s delayed response to treatment and the way it compromises his oxygen supply. There have been several times where we thought we could lose him. It is the worst thing in the world watching your child struggle to take a breath.

He was recently hospitalised for bacterial pneumonia, which was further complicated by his brittle asthma. I was lucky to receive a bed during the week-long stay as the nurses knew I was pregnant and took special care to ensure I was comfortable, but I saw many parents sleeping on chairs by their children’s bedside.

When I think of Christchurch Hospital, I think of a place with wonderful, talented medical staff but with tired facilities that are stretched beyond capacity. I see so much evidence of our health system needing more funding and I’m grateful to see the efforts being made by our community to solve this issue. I can’t stress enough what a difference improvements to the facilities would make.”

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