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Just over one year after it was launched, Māia Health Foundation is pleased to announce its fourth Founding Business Partner, Forté Health. 

“We’re thrilled to establish this partnership with Forté Health,” said Michael Flatman, Māia Health Foundation CEO. “Cooperation between the public and private health systems is greatly beneficial for the establishment of world-class health services in Canterbury, and the inclusion of Forté as a Founding Partner is an encouraging symbol of that.”

Māia launched in May 2016 with two initial projects: enhancements to the Acute Service Building’s rooftop helipad, including the creation of a purpose-built clinical support unit so patients can receive life-saving treatment upon touchdown; and major enhancements to the children’s health facilities, such as pull-down beds for parents in approximately 60 new patient rooms. 

“We’ve been keenly watching the progress of Māia Health Foundation’s projects, and we knew that supporting Māia meant Forté Health could contribute meaningfully to important enhancements to public health facilities,” said David Barker, Forté Health Board Chair. “Like Māia, Forté Health is a new organisation, and we’re committed to delivering a fresh approach to health care. Forté Health represents the private health system, yet many of our practitioners are also active in the public sector, so there’s a synergy between Forté Health and the focus of Māia’s current projects.

As a Māia Founding Business Partner, Forté is helping Māia achieve its important objectives for the benefit of all South Islanders who use the services of the Canterbury Health System. It’s a partnership that simply makes sense.”


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