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“We have a terrific health system here in Canterbury and particularly an amazing dedicated, highly skilled group of professionals providing the care we need. Although most Cantabrians recognise this, I feel many take it for granted until they have an episode in their family that requires the health system to ‘come through’ for them and their loved ones.

Helen and I have been blessed with three healthy sons - now fine young men - and haven't had to deal with the distress of sick children or needing them flown to hospital by helicopter like others have needed. That doesn’t stop us from supporting the health system. On the contrary. We support initiatives such as Māia Health Foundation’s projects because they fund the critical enhancements that elevate Canterbury’s health services to where they need to be. We think Canterbury needs and deserves that.

We also believe that successful business people and leaders in our community should step up and be counted when there’s a need for financial support or voluntary expertise. We can't take it with us when we go - so we should invest what we can to support our community and those in need around us.”

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