Being the difference. Taking our health services from good to great.

The Māia Health Foundation is on a mission to enhance the health experience in Canterbury – taking it from good to great.

We raise funds for game-changing projects right across our health system, supporting New Zealanders to get the right care, at the right time and in the right place. Our projects are impactful, insightful and align with the real and relevant needs facing our community today.



The difference we make is long-lasting, for our health system and for our community.

We can’t claim Māia changes lives. But our projects do.


Brave and courageous

The true meaning of the name ‘Māia’. Our challenge - to change the ways we all contribute to our region’s health, now and for future generations. 

Nurturing and holistic 

We are building a community that cares, that looks after each other and has opportunities to connect with and support their health system.


Offering people a way to make a demonstrable difference. We’re doing it in the way we do everything – with people at the centre.



We are responsible

We are a community that is responsible for each other. At Māia, we are skilled and accountable for looking after community funds that will make a difference to Canterbury’s health.

We are irrepressible

We’re bold, magnetic and energetic. You can’t help but want to get behind this cause.


To read more about what Māia has achieved, take a look at our Impact Report

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Watch how we
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