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How do I
give to Māia?

Thank you for considering giving a gift to Māia Health Foundation.

First and foremost, you need to know we’re accountable. Māia’s Trustees have a responsibility to invest any funds prudently and to disperse funds in line with our Trust Deed and our Charities Services registration, no. CC52547. 

Māia Health Foundation is an independent trust, endorsed by Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand Waitaha Canterbury. We are a New Zealand organisation, and all transactions are billed in New Zealand dollars.

You can give to Māia Health Foundation online here. The Māia Health Foundation bank account is Westpac 03-1700-0303533-01.

If you would like to discuss giving to Māia, please contact Talei via email or call her on 020 4135 0654.

Where will
my gift go?

When you donate to Māia, you are in control of the difference your gift makes. Whether you want your funds to go to our major project, or to select a particular department or service to support, Māia is the charitable partner to ensure your gift is respected and your wishes honoured.

Unless specified, your gift will go towards the major project we are currently working on.  Once those targets are achieved, your gift will contribute to building a long-term endowment for future projects.  

Māia Health Foundation also collects gifts for Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand Waitaha Canterbury.

How do you
invest the

Māia Health Foundation has a statement of investment policy and objectives, guiding our Trustees’ stewardship of funds for the long-term.

For further detail on this policy please contact us. We’re only too happy to talk to you about our plans. 

How do you decide
which projects to

Māia works closely with our health sector partners to identify the real and relevant challenges facing our community and our health system. We then identify those projects that will have the greatest impact.

Initially, Māia selected two key projects, based on the areas of most need in the new Waipapa Christchurch Hospital building. These projects were a future-proofed helipad and enhanced child health facilities. When these two projects were drawing close to conclusion, our Board of Trustees met to consider future projects. Māia's current project, an enhanced Child and Youth Mental Health outpatients’ facility, was selected.

Each future project will be selected by Māia’s Board of Trustees. 

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